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Coolidge Falls
Homeowners Association

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Coolidge Falls Homeowners Landscape Committee

Dear Homeowners,

One of the many reasons Coolidge Falls is highly regarded in the community is because of our beautiful gardens and plantings. This is due to the tireless efforts of Jimmy, Danielle, and Mike. We are truly fortunate to have such dedicated people working for us to keep our community beautiful.

In order to maintain the established beauty of Coolidge Falls, guidelines have been drawn up to provide continuity and fairness to all homeowners. These guidelines are as follows:

Coolidge Falls Homeowners Association Guidelines for Plantings and Landscape

Homeowners who wish to create a new garden or landscape proposal near their unit (Limited Common Land) should:

  1. Contact the office to discuss your desires for a new garden. The owner can either submit a plan using the guidelines in the Coolidge Landscape Master Plan. See page 62 [6.5 MB pdf], Proto-typical house lot landscape designs or ask the office for assistance.
  2. The plan will be reviewed by the office and at least one member of the landscape committee. Agreement of the homeowner and the committee will follow.
  3. Coolidge Falls Landscaping Basics
    • All plant material and location must be approved by CHA
    • A minimum of 16" of loam and 2" compost shall be used in all planting areas.
    • Natural colored mulch must be used, no red/dark brown
    • Easy access to water supply with an exterior faucet must be provided by the homeowner.
    • Size of Conifer trees shall be a minimum is 6'-8' tall when initially planted.
    • Size of deciduas trees shall be a minimum of 2" caliper when initially planted.
    • Shrub size shall be no less than a 5 gallon container
    • Perennials shall be no less than a 1 gallon container
    • Lawns require no less than 6" loam compacted to 4"

Homeowners may request of the CHA staff specific tree-trimming/maintenance to enhance their view or protect theirproperty. The CHA staff will review each request, and if it is not in conflict with our principles, landscape plan, or wouldbe deemed to negatively impact other homeowners, may perform the requested tree-trimming/removal. Thehomeowner will be billed accordingly if the requested maintenance exceeds normal maintenance trimming.
View Enhancement Policy [368 KB pdf]

We also have an ADOPT-A-BED program where you agree to weed and water a flowerbed near your unit. We will provide the proper training to do so.

Thank you for your cooperation. If you have any questions please email the landscape chair.